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Professor Ian Olver is director of the Sansom Institute for Health Research at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, and former CEO of Cancer Council Australia. He discusses his editorial on the reassessment of rare cancers, as well as his move to the Sansom Institute and its current research. Also available as a video.

Dr Katrina Alford is a health economist. To coincide with her Short Report in this issue, she discusses the growing inequities in expenditure between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health care. Also available as a video.

Routine integration of palliative care: what will it take?
 cover image
Palliative care not only requires access to quality services but also physicians’ willingness to have difficult conversations with patients
Reassessing rare cancers cover image
Ovarian cancer shows how genetic subtyping allows similarities between cancers to guide treatment trials

Advising patients with cancer about life expectancy must be tailored to their individual desire for information
High-quality cancer care can be provided at rural centres by teleoncology models
Encouraging evidence about expanding access to medications and reducing cardiovascular risk among Indigenous Australians

Climate change is harmful to our health: taking action will have many benefits cover image
Climate change has negative health impacts: urgent mitigation is needed, and this will benefit our health
Advances in radiation therapy cover image
Advances in radiation therapy have resulted in more precise and effective treatments with fewer side effects
The challenges of early diagnosis of cancer in general practice cover image
Managing missed opportunities when most cancer symptoms are only weakly predictive
Case reports

Short reports

<em>Legionella</em> pneumonia with severe rhabdomyolysis
 cover image
Early recognition and prompt treatment of this rare complication will prove lifesaving
Can patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome be screened for diabetes using glycosylated haemoglobin?
 cover image
Assessing acute coronary syndrome patients for diabetes is practicable and useful
Exploring the value of interprofessional student-led clinics for chronic disease patients
 cover image
Positive early findings suggest further investigation of the potential of interprofessional student-led clinics to improve health care management for patients with chronic disease is warranted
Indigenous health expenditure deficits obscured in Closing the Gap reports cover image
Government expenditure is not commensurate with the substantially greater and more complex health needs of Indigenous Australians

Malnutrition: a global health perspective from a Timorese mountain
 cover image
An approach which enjoins public health programs and clinicians in the four components of the food security equation is potentially gainful in addressing malnutrition; namely, the adequacy, availability, utilisation and security/sustainability of food supplies
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