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Professor Peter Cameron is Divisional Director of Monash University's School of Public Health, and academic director of Emergency and Trauma at The Alfred in Melbourne. Dr Ben Beck is a research fellow with the Prehospital, Emergency and Trauma Group within Monash’s Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine. They discuss their coauthored research on trends in traumatic brain injuries in Victoria, published in this issue. Also available as a video.


Financial toxicity in clinical care today: a &ldquo;menu without prices&rdquo;<a href="#1" class="SupXRef">1</a> cover image
Out-of-pocket costs are rising rapidly and can influence treatment decisions and health outcomes
Changing eating patterns versus adding nutrients to processed foods cover image
Food-based dietary guidelines are necessary but the processed food industry prefers to concentrate on individual nutrients

Strategies for reducing the incidence of major head injuries resulting from falls should be explored
About 450 000 individuals in Australia may be eligible for lung cancer screening

The importance of supportive care for patients with cancer
 cover image
Supportive care encompasses managing symptoms and side effects before, during and after cancer treatment
Valuing the benefits of new anticancer drugs
 cover image
Improvements in survival and cancer-related symptoms must be weighed up against treatment-related adverse effects and financial burden
Clinical focus

Action is required to mitigate the potential resurgence of an untreatable but preventable lung disease
Clearer definitions will help improve quality of care and reduce variation in patient outcomes between centres
Short reports

Time for a shift in focus to improve food affordability for remote customers
 cover image
Action is need to make healthy food affordable for residents of remote communities
Revised teaching methods are required to assist digitally oriented learning and prepare students for a technology-rich clinical environment

Postcards cover image
She started in the medical wards
Writing with light

The Writing with Light digital photography image gallery is available to view at: https://www.mja.com.au/multimedia/writingwithlight