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Managing information overload cover image
How do we make sense of all the information at our disposal, and determine what content is factual?

Australian researchers are proving the usefulness of data linkage, but their access to data is hindered

Over 40% of GPs would like to reduce their working hours, but only about a quarter of these have managed to do so
Linking data improves monitoring of hospital performance and identification of patients at risk
Relationship between hospital volume and outcomes supports the consolidation of oesophagogastric cancer surgery
Fewer women receive information and counselling about emergency contraception from their GP
Text message surveillance of vaccine safety has the capacity to complement passive reporting systems

Doctors’ “judgements” and parents’ “wishes”: ethical implications in conflict situations cover image
Through our language, we are unthinkingly privileging doctors’ views over those of parents
General practice: are we equipped for the future? cover image
While fee-for-service is still important, other more flexible forms of funding are needed

Is the “publish or perish” culture breeding dodgy journals seeking to make a profit?
Vertical or horizontal transmission of beta-lactam-resistant gram-negative bacteria has occurred in Australia
Case Reports

Internet slimming, thyrotoxicosis and the liver cover image
Beware of herbal supplements from unregulated sources
For debate

Safety concerns about sleep deprivation in a growing junior doctor workforce present a chance for roster reforms
Writing with light

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