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Dr Kimberley Ivory is a senior lecturer in public health and a sub-dean of student support at the University of Sydney's School of Medicine. She talks about the mental health issues of medical students and young doctors-in-training, following the recent sudden deaths of four psychiatry trainees in Victoria.
Associate Professor David Looke is president of the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases. He talks about the global challenges ahead for infectious diseases, to coincide with his editorial in this issue.
Editor-in-chief Professor Stephen Leeder discusses his highlights from this, our infectious diseases issue.
The interviews with Professor Looke and Professor Leeder also available as videos.
MJA Comments this issue's question:
What are the most important steps a general practitioner can take to reduce the risk of suicide among patients?
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Humanity’s success in battling infectious diseases demonstrates what we can do when we work together

Combating antimicrobial resistance through global strategies and diagnostic advances
World Kidney Day highlights the global inequalities in treating renal disease

Known HIV status and testing rates have increased in a high-risk population with tuberculosis
Antibiotics are still prescribed too frequently for many respiratory infections in young children
A simple test involving swabbing upper and lower gum lines may help tackle Australia’s HIV epidemic

The many benefits for rural doctors and patients suggest it is time for telehealth to be part of routine clinical practice
New research on how enterococci become drug-resistant suggests that hospital practice should evolve in line with our new insights

We have a duty to consider the health impacts of climate change
Although associated with lifelong risk, overwhelming post-splenectomy infection is preventable
Evidence of value in screening for TB, strongyloidiasis and schistosomiasis in this population
Gastroduodenal tuberculosis is rare and is often misdiagnosed as peptic ulcer disease
Screening with cultures from rectal swabs before prostate biopsy is not indicated
Case Reports

The risk to blood recipients, and the implications for blood donation in Australia
An organism that is part of normal oral flora is also a well known cause of metastatic abscesses
A serious rash highlights the importance of a patient’s sexual history
Clinical focus