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Dr Mohana Amirtharajah is an orthopaedic surgeon, who has recently returned from a 2-month mission to Jordan with Medicins Sans Frontieres, where she was operating daily on Syrian war wounded. What we’ve seen on our television screens, she says, is a fraction of the reality for those fleeing the conflict. Full story in the Careers section, www.mja.com.au/careers

Paramedics and scope of practice cover image
Highly-trained paramedics can initiate the pathway of care that will achieve optimal outcomes for patients

Chronic illness has a severe impact on workforce participation and GDP
The focused application of genetics assists and informs cardiac patients and their families
The Aboriginal Maternity Group Practice Program significantly improved neonatal outcomes for babies in south metropolitan Perth

Geographic inequity in healthy food environment and type 2 diabetes: can we please turn off the tap?
 cover image
We need fairer policies and investment in change that may only be realised in the long term
Financing options to sustain Medicare: are we committed to universalism? cover image
Policies addressing health care financing should reinforce Australia’s commitment to the principle of universalism
Inconsistent Schedule 8 prescription requirements between Australian states and territories create unnecessary complexity for health professionals
Case reports

Crush injury by an elephant: life-saving prehospital care resulting in a good recovery cover image
The first reported case of severe injuries caused by an elephant in an Australian zoo
Beware of blotting paper hallucinogens: severe toxicity with NBOMes
 cover image
NBOMes are hallucinogenic substances that have recently become available as drugs of misuse
Ethics and law
A change in the law is needed to allow procurement after circulatory death to maximise organ procurement
For debate

Rising health care costs are placing serious strains on the sustainability of the Australian Medicare system in its current structure
Writing with light

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