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Dr Michelle Baker is a senior research scientist with the CSIRO’s Australian Animal Laboratory, Health and Biosecurity Business Unit in Geelong. She discusses the potential of research into bats’ apparent “super immunity” to lethal diseases for human outcomes, to accompany her article in this issue. Also available as a video.

Dr Christopher Davey is Head of Mood Disorders Research at Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. He talks about unfulfilled promise of the antidepressant medications, to accompany his coauthored article in this issue.


To screen for depression or not? cover image
Screening may be appropriate to reconsider once we can ensure adequate response to any identified potential cases
How can we ensure that people with lung cancer living in rural and remote areas are treated surgically when appropri cover image
We have the will to improve cancer services for patients outside major cities but, thus far, not the way
E-cigarettes should be regulated cover image
They pose many risks for tobacco control and health, and any possible benefits are few and uncertain

Improving NEAT compliance rates can significantly reduce the in-hospital mortality of emergency admissions
Many smokers use e-cigarettes as cessation aids or to minimise smoking-related harm — perhaps unwisely

Breaking down the silos of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder: integrating mind and body
 cover image
Scalable interventions for PTSD that target mental health and comorbid cardiometabolic health are urgently required
Biological models of mental illness: implications for therapy development cover image
Systems approaches are needed to recognise the complexity of the biological bases of psychiatric disease
Better Access and equitable access to clinical psychology services: what do we need to know? cover image
A more systematic approach to data collection is required to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of Better Access
Clinical focus

Antidepressants are not as effective as we once believed
For debate

Have adequate finance and other supports been provided to ensure the success of the government’s mental health reform agenda?
Short reports

Counterfeit drugs: an Australian perspective cover image
Vigilance and clear guidelines for monitoring, regulation and education are needed
Benchmarking in Australia using the International Foundations of Medicine Clinical Science Examination
 cover image
Australian medical schools that have participated in the IFOM CSE have found it useful and informative
A campaign to improve the mental health of medical students
 cover image
Australian medical students are striving to improve the mental health of all tertiary students
Flying under the radar: first hospitalisation with anorexia nervosa at age 54 cover image
More people with anorexia nervosa go untreated in the community than are cared for by GPs and community mental health services
Writing with light

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