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Lt Colonel Michael Reade is professor of Military Surgery and Medicine at the University of Queensland. He has been deployed to Bosnia, Kosovo, Timor, the Solomons and Afghanistan. He discusses advances in military medicine and what ANZAC Day means to him.
Associate Professor Richard King is the director of medicine at Monash Health in Melbourne. He has just been appointed as the inaugural chair of the Choosing Wisely Australia program which launches on 29 April.
Editor-in-chief Professor Stephen Leeder previews the 20 April issue, our ANZAC commemorative edition.
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100 years after the Gallipoli landing, Dr Brendan Nelson, director of the Australian War Memorial, examines the legacy of the Anzacs

Medical care for our wounded soldiers has improved dramatically since World War I
The importance of science in combating prejudice

A multimodal perioperative care pathway leads to shorter hospital stays
Data reveal levels of polypharmacy that may suggest a lack of attempts to deprescribe when appropriate
Doctors should be encouraged to improve their documentation of measures of obesity

Edited extract of an article by surgeon Major John Corbin, first published in 1916
GPs, inevitably involved in disasters, should be appropriately engaged in response and recovery systems
Nuclear weapons abolition is a medical imperative

Use of diversionary devices, such as the flash-bang grenades used in the Sydney siege, comes with risks to vision and hearing
Tantalising possibility of nationwide elimination of malaria in Solomon Islands
Placement in rural general practices is a key part of medical student training
Governments must strengthen regulations to break the nexus between alcohol advertising and sport
Case Reports

A potentially important option for patients with Huntington disease that warrants further study
Need for vitamin D supplementation and prestatin counselling in high-risk groups

A doctor considers the inner turmoil experienced when serving in a war zone
Gastrointestinal diseases were epidemic in the trenches at Gallipoli
Why the spirit of Anzac has captured the imagination of all Australians
A doctor who founded a nation’s medical system and the many lives of his ship
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