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Professor Anne Holland is chair of Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University, and Lara Kimmel is a senior physiotherapist at The Alfred in Melbourne. They discuss their research published in this issue, comparing outcomes after conventional once-a-day post-hip fracture physiotherapy with three sessions a day. Also available as a video.

Professor Jon Emery is the Herman Professor of Primary Cancer Care Research at the University of Melbourne’s Department of General Practice. He discusses his coauthored research in this issue on presentations to general practice before a cancer diagnosis in Victoria. Also available as a video.


Relieving the pressure: new Australian hypertension guideline cover image
The National Heart Foundation guideline has been updated to reflect recent evidence and Australian conditions
Rising costs of hip fractures cover image
Early, intensive intervention may complement fall prevention in reducing the personal and financial costs

The speed with which patients are referred to specialists depends on the cancer type
Intensive acute hospital physiotherapy is safe and reduces the length of hospital stay
The significant amount of unpaid patient care between consultations is an inherent problem of the fee-for-service system
Narrative review

Cardiac troponin testing in general practice should be limited to patients presenting with ischaemic symptoms that occurred more than 24 hours previously

Prioritising general practice research
 cover image
Cuts to federal funding put us in grave danger of wasting the investment made to achieve current gains in research capacity
Global lessons for Australian general practice cover image
We have much to share, but also much to learn, about providing truly universal health coverage
No strong evidence bicycle helmet legislation deters cycling
 cover image
A focus on helmet legislation detracts from concerns about cycling infrastructure and safety
Medical education

Stroke in a young man with untreated HIV infection and neurosyphilis
 cover image
HIV infection is an important risk factor for stroke and testing should be performed in all young stroke patients
Detecting ascites cover image
Most cases can be diagnosed by good clinical assessment at the bedside
Writing with light

The Writing with Light digital photography image gallery is available to view at: https://www.mja.com.au/multimedia/writingwithlight