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Professor Kathy Griffiths from the National Institute of Mental Health Research talks about the need for action in mental health reform.
Editor-in-Chief, Professor Stephen Leeder shares his highlights from our mental health issue.
Both podcasts are also available as videos.


Mental health has enormous economic and societal consequences, yet policies are sadly inadequate

Australians with affective and anxiety disorders are not all receiving evidence-based care
Investigating the spread of cancer by cancer type among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in NSW
A significant survival disparity remains between Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients receiving RRT
Recruiting more potential organ donors would not result in a large increase in organ donor numbers

An expansion of clinical infrastructure for early psychosis intervention offers new possibilities for research, treatment and service development
Paying attention to lessons already learned will improve mental health care for the future
Creating momentum for clinicians to avoid health practices of limited value

A case of irreversible vision loss resulting from insertion of cosmetic colour iris implants
There are few useful indications for groin ultrasounds
General practice needs to be the pivot in the national screening program
Medication reviews and multidisciplinary input prevent harm
Case Reports

Locally acquired hepatitis E treated successfully with ribavirin in the context of immunosuppression
In endemic areas, Q fever endocarditis can result in premature prosthetic valve dysfunction
Clinical focus

A consensus statement from Australian aeromedical retrieval services

The winning entry in the Medical Student competition category is the moving story of an old Polish pilot
My dad in the neonatal ICU …
Writing with light

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