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Ms Briony Murphy is a PhD candidate at Monash University, researching the frequency and nature of intentional deaths among older adults living in residential aged care in Australia. She discusses her Reflection in the issue on voluntary euthanasia. Also available as a video.

Associate Professor David Prior is the deputy director of the Department of Cardiology at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. He discusses his coauthored Narrative Review in this issue on pharmacotherapy for pulmonary hypertension.

Dr Allison Milner is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Population Health Research at Deakin University, and a senior lecturer at the Centre for Health Equity at the University of Melbourne. She talks about her coauthored research on suicide in health professionals. Also available as a video.

Dr Susan Nilsson is a senior scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and group leader at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University. She discusses a new method for harvesting stem cells which could improve donor-patient treatment.


Suicide by health care professionals cover image
Health professionals are human beings — and therefore not immune to mental health problems
New developments in coronary stent technology
 cover image
Current performance standards are high and promising new technologies are finding it difficult to compete

Suicide prevention initiatives should focus on workplace factors and differential risks for men and women employed as health professionals
Closing the Indigenous gap could have far-reaching benefits for the economic future of the Territory
Short report

Airline policies for passengers with nut allergies flying from Melbourne Airport
 cover image
Air travel passengers with allergies need to be cautious when planning their flight
Narrative review

A potentially fatal disease associated with warm, non-chlorinated water in rural areas
New pharmacological treatment options have improved the prognosis for those with this rare disease
The ongoing quest for optimal efficacy without compromising long term patient safety

When an elder is the abuser cover image
Improving the recognition and management of domestic violence among elderly couples
Medical education

Severe GHB withdrawal delirium managed with dexmedetomidine
 cover image
An alternative to benzodiazepines offers a less invasive and safer approach to the management of withdrawal

Voluntary euthanasia laws in Australia: are we really better off dead? cover image
Ethical and moral implications make euthanasia a complex question
Writing with light

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